Spiritual Abuse Survivors

The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a great place to find more writers who are speaking out about their experiences.

Leaving Fundamentalism – Jonny Scaramanga

No Longer Quivering – Vyckie Garrison

Seeking The Light – Calulu

Love, Joy, Feminism – Libby Anne

The Phoenix and the Olive Branch – Sierra

Wordgazer’s Words – Kristen Rosser

Incongruous Circumspection – Joe Sands

Homeschoolers Anonymous

Permission to Live – Melissa

Baptist Taliban and Beyond – Cindy Foster

Mari’s Muses – Mari

Past Tense Present Progressive – Latebloomer

Dispelled: One Girl’s Journey in a Homeschool Cult – Chandra Bernat

Hopewell Takes on Life!

The Way Forward – Bruce Gerencser

Becoming Worldly

Defeating The Dragons – Samantha

I Am Phoenix – AJ

Wide Open Ground – Lana Hope

Feminist in Spite of Them – Sarah Henderson

Quiver Full of Information

Rethinking Vision Forum

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